We install intruder alarms in a wide variety of applications ranging from a simple audible only domestic alarm with a few detectors to large High security commercial premises with 500 detectors and fully confirmed signalling paths.

A Wide Range of Devices

A wide range of detection devices can be fitted to the alarms some of which are listed below:


  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Personal Attack buttons
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break detectors
  • Vibration Detectors
  • Safe Limpets
  • Wireless radio links
  • Magnetic contacts

The alarm can be Local Audible only alarms which have 108dB Self Activating Bell with built in strobe and flashing LEDs or we provide a number of remote signalling options.

The most basic is not considered remote signalling for insurance purposes as it dials 3 pre-programmed numbers which can be landlines or mobiles however they are not allowed to call the emergency services. There is also an option to send a text message to a mobile phone in the event of an alarm activation.

Texecom and Siemens Control Panels are installed assuring a high standard of reliability

Systems with a remote link to an Alarm Monitoring Station will signal via RedCare, Digital Communicator, DualCom or Redcare GSM.