WESTCOUNTY FIRE PROTECTION are pleased to offer the Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm range.

There are several advantages to installing a wireless fire alarm system.

The main one being that because there are no wires to install there is

less disruption to your existing decor.


We now install the Sterling Safety Systems range of ‘Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarms’

which gives our customers the following advantages over a wired system:

1. The Kentec Syncro Addressable Control Panel is connected to the main power supply by an un-switched fused spur (so there is no change there).

2. The Detectors and Call Points transmit back on a Secure wireless radio bandwith. This eliminates the need for running a cable loop to connect the detectors required to install wired detectors. It is the running of these cables that takes time and causes damage to the building fabric. Thus saving our clients labour and re decoration costs.

3. Disruption to Staff, Customers or Tenants is kept to a minimum as wireless detectors, sounders or call points can be pre-programmed and it takes but a few minutes to attach where required with 2 screws.