Kents Cavern - Explaining How To Protect A Prehistoric Heritage Site with CCTV

Kents Cavern - Explaining How To Protect A Prehistoric Heritage Site with CCTV

Westcountry Fire Protection is proud to showcase the newly installed CCTV system at Kents Cavern in Devon. Kents Cavern is a well-known archaeological site that brings with it massive tourist attention. It was a pleasure working there for this installation as well as the new fire alarm panel installation and rewiring. If you are interested in that installation you can view it here.
A brand new CCTV system was needed to provide necessary protection to the facilities and the caves themselves. For the installation and quote for this project, they have gotten in touch with us to make sure they can get the best system installed for their needs.

The safety and security of the visitors, staff and the property itself are of utmost importance, and the installation of this CCTV system will help ensure that these aspects are adequately addressed. The system will also act as a deterrent to any potential intruders or vandals, providing added protection to the premises. 

This CCTV system will benefit Kents Cavern in several ways. Firstly, it provides additional security and surveillance for the caves facilities, ensuring the safety of visitors and staff. Secondly, it allows for better monitoring and management of the caves facilities, helping to maintain the integrity and beauty for generations to come. Lastly, it enhances the overall experience for visitors, who can now explore the cave with greater peace of mind. 

If you are thinking of adding extra security to your premises or want to upgrade your existing CCTV, contact Westcountry Fire Protection today!
We also performed maintenance on the emergency lights you can find in the cave.

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Kents Cavern


17 March 2023


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