Riviera Hotel - Completing Upgrades and Alterations to the Fire Alarm System at the New East Wing Extension

Riviera Hotel - Completing Upgrades and Alterations to the Fire Alarm System at the New East Wing Extension

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to complete recent work at the Riviera Hotel. As long-time clients of ours, we were determined to provide them with a great service and professional installation of the new system. 

The installation included upgrades and alterations to the current fire alarm system at the Riviera Hotel as well as the installation of a new panel specific to the new east wing building. 

The upgraded fire alarm system comprised of adequate smoke detection within the common circulation areas of the building. Additionally, smoke or heat detection was installed within all rooms or cupboards leading directly onto the common areas with break glass call points on all final exits and storey exits. Smoke detection was also installed in designated rooms of high risk, such as plant rooms and the lift motor room. 

Our comprehensive solution provides adequate coverage for the new area, ensuring that any fire incidents are detected early, and guests and staff can evacuate the building safely. The new fire alarm system also enables effective management of any potential fire hazards. 

At Westcountry Fire Protection, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work that meets our client's needs and exceeds their expectations. We were pleased to work on this project and ensure the Riviera Hotel's and its guests' safety.

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Photo showing new disabled call point at reception next to old fire alarm panel installed by us in the past.
Plastic covers remained on the detectors during the building process due to possible dust and other particles in the air.
Hard shadows removed from image for better viewing of new panels.
Process of installing call points on different floors.
More photos showing the progress made throughout the building, plastic covers still on in case of debris. These will not be there once installation is complete. 
Disabled pull call points installed in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Automatic door closers, when the alarm sounds, the doors close. Of course, people are still able to use the door as an escape.

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Riviera Hotel


03 April 2023


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