Westcountry Fire Protection: Ensuring Fire Safety at Wombat Cricket Bats

Westcountry Fire Protection: Ensuring Fire Safety at Wombat Cricket Bats

Westcountry Fire Protection provides fire safety solutions for businesses in the Southwest region. We recently worked with Wombat Cricket Bats, a cricket specialist in Devon. Our team installed a wired fire alarm system at their premises to ensure the safety of their staff, visitors, and assets. We take pride in our work and strive to provide top-notch service. 

Wombat Cricket Bats have made a name for themselves as a renowned cricket brand because of their commitment to quality construction and usage of the finest English willow. They are based in Devon and provide both adults and children with a wide selection of cricket gear, including custom bats, pads, gloves, wicket-keeping equipment, and baggage. 

Our fire safety specialists methodically created a fire alarm system in accordance with industry norms for a building without sleeping threats after carefully considering the special requirements of Wombat Cricket Bats. To guarantee complete coverage and prompt evacuation in the case of an emergency, the system is made up of a number of crucial components.
Key features of the fire alarm system implemented at Wombat Cricket Bats: 

Smoke Detection: Strategically placed throughout common areas. 
Break Glass Call Points: Immediate response and safe evacuation. 
Single-Stage Evacuation: Streamlined process, minimising confusion. 
Ample Sounders: Audible alarms for clear notification.

By putting in place this fire alarm system, Westcountry Fire Protection has given the Wombat Cricket Bats facility a strong sense of security. By combining effective evacuation procedures with innovative fire detection equipment, the danger of potential fire-related events is greatly reduced, protecting the facility's valuable assets as well as the lives of its staff, customers, and consumers.

 Wombat Cricket Bats' safety and security is something Westcountry Fire Protection is delighted to have helped to ensure as a business dedicated to offering the best calibre of fire prevention services. We work hard to provide specialised solutions that not only adhere to industry standards but also take into account the unique requirements and difficulties of each client.

Westcountry Fire Protection is your dependable partner if your company is looking for dependable fire prevention solutions in the Southwest. Contact us right away to talk about your needs for fire safety, and allow our skilled staff to make sure that your property, employees, and assets are protected to the fullest extent possible. 

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14 June 2023


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