Westcountry Fire Protection: Ensuring Security at Wombat Cricket Bats

Westcountry Fire Protection: Ensuring Security at Wombat Cricket Bats

We're excited to share that, in addition to the fire alarm system, Westcountry Fire Protection has installed an advanced intruder alarm system at Wombat Cricket Bats. Our goal is to provide comprehensive security solutions that safeguard their premises and assets.

Wombat Cricket Bats have made a name for themselves as a renowned cricket brand because of their commitment to quality construction and usage of the finest English willow. They are based in Devon and provide both adults and children with a wide selection of cricket gear, including custom bats, pads, gloves, wicket-keeping equipment, and baggage.  

Our security specialists methodically created an intruder alarm system in accordance with industry norms. After carefully considering the special requirements of Wombat Cricket Bats and guaranteeing complete coverage in the case of an emergency, the system is made up of a number of crucial components. 
Here's a simplified overview of the equipment installed: 

Power Supply: A mains power unit with a stand-by battery ensures continuous operation for at least 12 hours during a mains failure. 
External Sounder: The main external sounder features a powerful 109dB siren and a strobe light, serving as a visual deterrent. It operates for 15 minutes continuously and resumes when retriggered. 
Electrical Requirements: We require an un-switched 3-amp electrical fused spur to power the system. If not available, we can install one at an additional cost.

For Security Systems with an External Audible Alarm, it's essential for the customer to notify the local Police Force and Environmental Health Authority within 48 hours of the alarm's operation. This ensures compliance with statutory regulations regarding noise control.

 At Westcountry Fire Protection, we are committed to delivering comprehensive security solutions tailored to our client's needs. By installing an intruder alarm system at Wombat Cricket Bats, we enhance their security and peace of mind.

If you're seeking reliable security solutions for your business, contact Westcountry Fire Protection today. Let our experienced team provide the utmost protection for your premises, personnel, and assets.  

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14 June 2023


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