Howden Court Hotel - Westcountry Fire Protection's Commitment to Guest Safety

Howden Court Hotel - Westcountry Fire Protection's Commitment to Guest Safety

At Westcountry Fire Protection, our mission is to ensure the safety and security of establishments like Howden Court Hotel. With our expertise in fire alarm systems, we have implemented advanced measures to protect the hotel and its valued guests. Let's explore the comprehensive fire safety solutions we have put in place.

Howden Court Hotel takes pride in offering a complete package that includes coach transport and hotel accommodation. As their trusted fire safety partner, we understand the importance of providing a secure environment for guests throughout their stay. Our goal is to deliver exceptional fire protection measures that align with the hotel's commitment to excellence. 
To address the unique needs of Howden Court Hotel, we have installed a state-of-the-art fire alarm system that surpasses industry standards. Our addressable system employs cutting-edge technology, allowing for precise detection and location identification of fire or smoke. This ensures a rapid response in case of emergencies, protecting the lives of guests and staff.

Strategic placement of smoke detectors is key to effective fire detection. We have ensured that common areas, such as hallways, as well as rooms, cupboards, and voids connected to these areas, are equipped with adequate smoke detection capabilities. Furthermore, high-risk spaces such as kitchens, boiler rooms, and plant rooms have been meticulously safeguarded to minimise fire hazards.

 Recognising the critical role of timely communication during emergencies, we have strategically positioned break glass call points near all final exits and on each storey. These easily activated call points provide a swift and efficient means of raising an alarm, alerting occupants to evacuate promptly.

Our fire alarm system encompasses an extensive network of sounders strategically placed throughout the hotel's common areas. These sounders ensure that alarms are heard clearly, emitting a minimum sound level calculated in accordance with regulatory guidance set for buildings like Howden Court. 

Reliable fireproof cables are a crucial component of our fire alarm systems. To enhance fire resistance, we employ soft-skinned 1.5mm² fireproof cables, which are further protected within PVC mini trunking and secured with fireproof fixings. This robust cabling infrastructure minimises the risk of fire spread, ensuring the integrity of the system even in high-temperature situations.

 Westcountry Fire Protection takes pride in safeguarding Howden Court Hotel. Our advanced fire alarm systems, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the hotel industry, provide a comprehensive safety solution. By partnering with us, the hotel can assure its guests of a secure environment and a truly enjoyable experience. Our commitment to excellence in fire safety aligns perfectly with the hotel's dedication to customer satisfaction.

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